January 27, 2013

Nooo, tomorrow is already Monday!!!

POSITIVE THING OF THE DAY: Talking with a girl that knows you, that is grown up by your side, that is a friend. THANK YOU.

This mornong I met Giò, one of my best friend, and we had a cup of coffee. We talked about EVERYTHING, work, marriage, houses,..., and it has been precious time, that I needed.
In the afternoon Mr and I went to Piazzola sul Brenta, to see an antique fair...we found nothing, but we had a great freezing time....

Just some phones

Mr wanted to buy this, because he said it would look great in our house, and everytime a guest will come to visit us we can tell him/her that we killed it. I said no, even if I know he was joking...

The afternoon finished with a hot chocolate.
I love Sundays.

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