March 28, 2013

As I promised...a happy post!

Nothing is really changed in my life in this last week.
I just changed my prospective. Before everything was melancholy, and I felt sorry for myself.
Rain. Oh no, rain, again?
Cold? Oh no, I'm waiting for spring!!!
Work? Oooooh, it's horrible!!!
1. thank you rain for washing in a so perfect way my windshield
2. Cold.....mmmmmh....Mr and I can watch "How I met your mother", under 2 blankets!
3. Work....ok, I don't like it (mostly because I'm doing nothing, and 8 hours are looong), but I'm knowing so many good and nice girls!and every lunch is time spent in a very good way
4. I love waking up in the morning, and smelling the perfume of the coffee. It's such a great way to start the day
5. 3 weeks ago my Mr presented a cd of jovanotti to me...well....I cannot listen to other music!!!! I love so much driving back home and listening to that comforting songs
6. I found another great italian blog
7. My bangs is finally almost grown (this is a very very big goal!!!)
8. Tomorrow I'm on holiday!!!!! this means that I'm going to take a loooot of pictures, I'm looking for a lot of jobs!, I'm looking for some time just for me (it means that I can paint my nails, read, walk....)
9. This video
10. I love cooking 
11. I love knowing that I'll never be alone.

Isn't it great/amazing/awesome??? 11 positive thingssssssss!!Happy things still happens

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