March 21, 2013

At last, spring has arrived!!

Miss Etc
I fell in love with this photo. I'm sorry for this wonderful lady that rightly says that I don't have to steal her images, but this is a sooooo wonderful photo that I cannot share it with you! (to be honest, you're not so much....)
So, today I felt very happy.
It's the first day of spring. The sun has shined the whole day. It wasn't too cold. And during my lunch-break I heard birds singing. This kind of days reconcile me with the whole world.
And today I didn't want to think about alll the things that I don't have. I focus on all I have!And it's so much!!!
So, after work I took my bike and I rode to say hello to my grandpa (who is in hospital), and ....he is a little better!!!I was so happy to see him joking and even smiling.
So, thank you Spring for being arrived!
And, please, stay stay here!!!

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