March 18, 2013

Over this weekend....

I took this photo Saturday morning, while riding my bike to private lesson
- I ate pizza twice in three days
- I took photos
- I spent a magical Sunday afternoon and evening with Mr at verdecasa, a fair, where we found a fantstic future fig, for now it is very little but it looks promising, some lilies of the valley. In another stand, we found the fair of electronics, so Mr bought something for his ipod, and we bought another pot!!!!that seems magic!!!In some time I'm going to tell you all its wonderful powers!!
In the evening we watched 2 episodes of "The Big Bang Theory"....Bazinga!!!
- Saturday night was wild. Boyfriends not allowed. Just three girls. In front of a pizza. And a lot of things to say and to talk about: a marriage, a house under construction, a serious job that doesn't come, our huge desire of a life with our boyfriend, and a delicious sweet after dinner...thank you girls!
- Rain, rain, rain
- The girl I'm giving private lessons, told me that now she is understanding something more about statistics. My heart went boom, I was so happy!!!That's a huge satisfaction!


  1. Pizza 2x in 3 days. YUM! I'm def hitting up some pie for lunch today! xoxo

    1. I'm eating vegetables in these days...