March 5, 2013

First day in London!!

Let's start!!!!
So, we arrived in London on February 28th (because it was our anniversary!!!).
The hotel was absolutely amazing!!!
You can find it here. They gave us a room larger than the one we booked (with a small living room), all for free (they said because we looked 'nice', wow!first time that this happens to us!)!!! It was in Waterloo, very very close to everything!!! (everytime my Mr said the name of the tube we had to take, this song came into my mind...hahahaha!!)
What we saw from our window

Even Mr were happy for the hotel!!

Outfit photo?
Then we started to feed ourselves visit the city.
The first thing I ate in London was a fantastic chocolate muffin. Mr took an humburger. We went to "enough to feed an elephant" because it was the nearest place to the hotel where we could eat muffin was delicious.
The famous London cab!
London Eye
Big Ben

We're thinking about our marriage....
I was a bit surprised about the uniform that were worn by the students. Tie for boys and girls
Photo isn't very good, but I was a little awkward because all around there were a lot of people....anyway.... platform 9 3/4!!!
And this is how was our the first day in London!!!!
See you soon for the rest!

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  1. Anche queste sono molto belle, brava Bea :)!!!!!