March 10, 2013

London (last chapter), our Friday went on and we took a meal in le pain quotidien , and we had a nice lunch (Mr doesn't like it too much because it was too "light"!) and then our exploration went on....

Mr at British Museum
British Museum
Us at British Museum
The British Museum was wonderful, but I was a bit tired.
I really really love it, because it remembered me my high school studies, but I was very tired, and probably there were too many wonderful things to see.
In the evening we had our dinner la giraffe, the meal was good and not much expensive.
Then Mr took these wonderful photo:

On Saturday Mr brought me to Notting Hill, in Portobello Road....and I bought a dress for this summer!!!
It's a wondeful market!!!There's everything!!!!!!!!!!
 We took an arancino (they are Italian....and arancini are good!):
Then we went to eat in a pub!!!
Mr took fish and chips, and I...I don't remember, anyway it was a tasty sandwich!
Than we went to....
Southbank Centre
The Tate
Claude Monet - Water Lilies- at the Tate
The Globe
The Globe
Tower Bridge
Sunday, last day.... :(
Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens
When I saw this bench, this movie, the last last scene

Probably spring is coming in London!
Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens
And then we had to say goodbye to this wonderful city...


  1. I want to visit London! Well I think I just want to visit Europe period! It looks like you had a great time love! xoxo

  2. London is wonderful!!All the places I visited are in Europe, and they are can come when you want!!