November 3, 2013

November? already?!?

Happy November to all of you!
On the first day of November, Mr and I went to the seaside!!!
The sun was shining and the weather was really good for a walk along the seaside...

Hahahaha!Can you see Mr in my sunglasses?!? :)

Have a great Sunday!!!


  1. Happy November!! Next thing we know, the year will be over. Super crazy huh? 2013 just flew by...

  2. I can't believe it is November either! On Nov 1st I ran errands and Christmas stuff was everywhere!!! It's like they just skipped over Thanksgiving. =/

    1. Amanda!
      I'm happy for Christmas stuff, but just because here we don't celebrate Thanksgiving!
      Reading American blogs, I really think we miss a feast like that!
      It's so good to be thankful!