November 7, 2013

La Specola

I seriously think that I have to create my own personal work.
My teacher-photographer is not calling for my help in this last week. This morning I went to an event where firms meet graduated: well, the most part of the firms present at this event, weren't looking for people to hire. So, why were them there?
I'm a bit down, I'm tired of this I took my camera, and I went around the city....

Today I'm gonna show you "La Specola", a building that is very important for my love story with my Mr.
Coming back in 2008, I started date with my Mr in February. We were attending the same University, so we spent our time in classrooms "following" maths classes....of course, University started to look in a very lovely way, to us.
Every evening, Mr took the train to come back home, and I went with him to the station. That priceless time!
Once, he told me:"What about summer holiday?"
Me: "I would like to visit Greece"
Him: "Ok, we will visit Greece"
I went home and I was too happy, HE WAS PLANNING A SUMMER HOLIDAY WITH ME. He was serious about this story.
Then, (I think on a Friday night) I brought my Mr to see "La Specola" that is the astronomical observatory for the University of Padua.
Stars have always fascinated me, they are far, they are millions, and they are always there.
Nothing special happened that time, Mr enjoyed the building, and we came back home.
About a year later....

I love Vespa!

to be continued....

PS: Talking with you is a great thing, I really feel better!Thank you!


  1. such pretty photos! XO

    the well-traveled wife
    ^^enter our giveaway!

    1. Thank you very much!
      Have a nice week!

  2. Hi sweety! First of all, don't leave us like this! I want to know how that lovely story continues :D Your pictures are very amazing!! Padua reminds me a bit of Girona: a quiet, beautiful city with the walls in reds and yellows and a river going through!
    Never give up on looking for a job or on anything! We are very unlucky for being living in these difficult times but you have to be strong, try to be positive and your dreams will come! One after another! For sure:)

    1. Thank you SOOOO much Mireia!
      You told me so many sweet words!The story of Mr and I will continued in the next days!

  3. What a cute story, and I agree with Mireia - I want to hear more :) Your city looks so awesome! I would love to visit one day! May I ;)?
    I can understand that these times of not having a job are very difficult. I just finished my graduate program and now I feel also somehow "lost", even though I found a (boring) part-time job and I am preparing my PHD so I should not have anything to complain about. But its so important to make something that gives sense to your life and I do not find this is my part-time job, I see it more as "lost time". Its good that you have photography! It also helps me very often to go out and take pictures when I feel bad.
    Thanks for your last comment and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Of course, YOU HAVE TO VISIT my city! Just wait until I moved with my boyfriend, so I can host you and your boyfriend! :)
      I'm looking for a job that makes something that gives sense to my life!

      PS: Photography is giving me a huge help!!!

  4. Beina!! Where is the rest of the story with your Mr.!!! Padua looks so lovely! I must go one day!
    Regarding work, don´t give up, I remember it took me a long time to find my first job after University, and we did not have so much crisis back then! Keep looking and being active, I am sure something wonderful is waiting for you! Have a lovely week!!

    1. The rest of the story will arrive vey soon! :)
      Thank you, thank you for the supportive words!they really mean a loooot for me!
      Have a lovely week too!

  5. good luck on the job hunt.
    lovely photos

    1. Thank yo very much!!
      Have a nice week!

  6. Beautiful photos, I hope to visit someday.