November 21, 2013

You should have this book in your bookcase

Me before you- Jojo Moyes
I'm stuck in this book.
Anna is one of my dearest friends, and for our birthday we give each other a book.
So for my birthday I received the one you see above.
I don't want to tell the story of the book, you can find it waving in internet (I'm not good at summarizing...)

I just want to tell you...
that I've loved the main characters, Lou and Will.
that I cannot stop thinking of them, and of their story, and of the bee
that I cried a lot of tears, while I was reading the book and even when I think of it
that as I always usually sometimes do, while I read the books, I identify with the main characters, and if my character loves my mind this guy is my Mr...that's probably why I always love the most part of the books that I read....
that I always take for granted everything I have, my Mr, and since now I'm going to try to use better my time
that Will really is a little like my Mr
that the author answered my twitter to her (love!!! @_@)
So, I heartily recommend this book to you!


  1. This is such a cute and wonderful post! I know this feeling of reallz really loving a book... sometimes I am crying when I finished a really good book because it makes me so sad that I cannot longer read it...does this also happen to other people :)???

    Lots of love!

    1. Yes, my dear Larissa, this happen even to me....i'm wondering which paths the main characters will take in their life and so on....anyway, if you want to cry, read this book!So we could talk about it!!!
      Have a nice Saturday, pretty lady!

  2. Gracias Linda! por tu recomendación! ya solo la portada me parece interesante.
    espero te encuentres muy bien y todo vaya fenomenal en tu vida.
    miles de besitos y abrazos

    1. Thank you so much Danny!!!!!
      I wish the same to you!!!
      Buon sabato!!!

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