November 29, 2013

Now it's ok

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Happy Friday to all of you!!!
This week has really been full of a lot of things!

An afternoon I was a baby sitter, for a day and a half I was (for the second time!!, you can see the first time here) assistant of my teacher-photographer, and I'm a data-entry for a little job! So I'm busy, and I love this!

I love playing with a little toddler, painting, playing "hairdresser", receiving hugs and kisses, love it!!!

I love being an work in the back stage, and you create the perfect set, with perfect lights, with perfect things....i LOVE it!

I'm a data-entry girl!I think this is a part of my studies....well....I hope!

By the way, I'm happy! And I hope nothing changes!Because, now I'm...fine.

Tomorrow, Mr and I will travel to Rome!!!!
If you want to follow our trip you can find us on instagram at: @beinam
See you next week!
And....happy last weekend of November!!!

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