November 12, 2013


I saw the list below in two blogs (Eloquent English, and Tania), and today I think was the right time for making my personal list!

^ eating: soups and a lot of vegetables!
^ drinking: caffelatte in the morning watching at Friends. with Mr this weekend mezzo e mezzo di Bassano
^ practising:  being very patient, I probably should start to do yoga
^ mastering: finding new and interesting blogs everyday!! ;)
^ learning: about photography
^ playing: spider
^ finishing: some cross-stitch works
^ reading: Me Before you by Jojo Moyes
^ enjoying: time spent with my Mr
^ listening: this and this and this thousands of times (the last one makes my feel like Beatix Kiddo, sometimes I need to feel like her...)
^ walking: for hours finding new places
^ needing: a job!!!
^ wearing: Dr Martens, leggings and a big comfy sweater
^ cooking: cakes for friends
^ wondering: when there will be snow, Christmas time
^ working: on scheduling this blog (would you like to see something more scheduled?)
^ travelling: with my mind, everyday, everywhere (mostly in North Europe)
^ planning: for Rome
^ wanting: to make things happen...
^ loving: morning calls with Mr
^ wishing: that a passion could turn into a real work
^ marvelling: of people and of life. Every single day 
^ smelling: the aromas of rosemary
^ hoping: so many things...where do I have to start?
^ feeling: a bit down, but hopeful


  1. I am totally on board with this one - wishing: that a passion could turn into a real work. I met with a recruiter yesterday about work... Then told her that I inspire to be a photographer not a financial analyst. ;) That was an interesting conversation. Also, send me a cake! lol ;)

    1. Today I had another job interview....I think I'm going to be without a work forever, so it's a good thing that I find what I really wanna do!taking photos!and if you want we can start a business!
      I can bake cakes while we take photos! (I'm joking!)

  2. Beina me encanta tu lista! y que buena idea hacer una, creo que así nos ponemos metas tan bellas para nuestras vidas.
    haber como resulta la mia.

    muchos besitos

    1. Muchas gracias Danny!!!
      Besitos para ti!

  3. Beautiful photo, and I love lists! Great idea.

    1. Thank you so much, Rikki!
      You can steal it if you want!It's not my idea!

  4. Love your list! You'll find a job soon that suits you and lets you explore your passions, my dear!

    1. Thank you so much, Christine!Really thank you!

  5. I am wishing that my passion could also become my full time job, and I am currently working on it but it is so complicated!!!
    I think we are wearing the same thing today except for the Doc Martens, do you know that I have never owned a pair? never, which is strange as they look like my kind of shoe, warm and comfy!

    Have a lovely day!!

    1. I keep my finger crossed for you and for your job Reyes!
      I think that you would love Dr Martens, they are so comfy!!

  6. I like your list and maybe I shoudl make a own one too. Its good to make those kind of lists from time to time to be able to relalize what is around you instead of always being away with your thoughts, don't you think? I am so often away with my thoughts and I think it would help me to make a list like that :)
    btw, I give a yoga class once a week. You can come and join is you like :)!?

    Have a wonderful Sunday!