November 23, 2013

Sunny Friday

Happy Saturday!!
Yesterday was a very sunny day! While today it's raining cats and dogs....
In the morning I dressed up and I bought 4 books for 15 €, a very big deal!!
Then in the afternoon I took my camera and until the sun went down I strolled around the park and took photos!
Once home, I really enjoyed a hot cup of tea.
Yesterday was good.


  1. Hello Beina! Beautiful photos, and what I day! So sunny! I am rather envious, we have not had a day like that in ages and all of my photos are turning grey and ugly. Hope you have a lovely week!

    1. I'm very sorry for your weather!Here now is very cold, about 0-2 degrees, but the sun shines!

  2. sounds like a lovely day.. it is freezing here.

    1. Hi!
      It's freezing even here in these days!
      Have a lovely day!