November 18, 2013

Over this weekend

my rainy boots, my Dr Martens, my elegant shoes (worn for a job interview)
Happy Monday everybody!
Another weekend is flown away too fast!!! Damn relativity!
By the way...over this weekend...
- I found a nest in my garden!
- Mr and I had a Mexican dinner (for Mr was a very spicy evening!)
- I had my first hot chocolate
- Mr and I met with one of my best friend
- I'm totally fascinated by "Me before you" by Jojo Moyes....I want to read how this story go on, but at the same time, I don't want to finish this book. I'm thinking about Lou and Will....thank you Annina for this wonderful gift!
- I had a stroll  here with my Mr on Saturday night

And now, I'm ready for this new week to come!


  1. Hello Beina! What a lovely weekend! In here it was so cold and wet that I did not leave the house at all! Love your elegant shoes, I am sure they brought you good luck for the job interview!

    1. Hi Reyes!
      It really was lovely! Thank you for the shoes, unlikely the store that sell them is now closed!
      That's the only pair of shoes with heels that I can walk normally! :)

  2. What a wonderful weekend!! Mine was also good but here has been raining everyday... Today I've just posted exactly the same picture with my rainy boots and leafs in instagram :D
    Have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Mireia!
      I saw the photo you talked about on instagram!that's funny!

  3. WAIT WHAT??? Your first hot chocolate LIKE ever? OR like first hot chocolate of the season. ;)

    1. No Amanda!this was the first hot chocolate of this season!
      I love chocolate! ;)

  4. mmm mexican food.
    we had a head start on the hot chocolate.. already had a few cups :)
    that book is on my reading list.

    1. Hi Hena!
      You're so right about the chocolate!:)
      About the book....I cried a lot, but I've love it! So...recommend it!a lot!

  5. Hey dear! How did the job interview go :)? Your weekend sounds nice! I love mexican food but somehow I have it only rarely. Its because there a no good mexican restaurants around here and I always forget that I would like to look up mexican recipes ;)

    Thanks a lot for your last comment :)


    1. Hi my dear Larissa!
      Yhe job interview was not good, but never mind! ;)the world is sooo wide!
      I like a lot mexican food!
      have a nice day, dear Larissa!